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Chip collector

Chip collectors: The cleanliness of the workplace is ensured.
An essential engraving accessory that keeps your rotary engraver clean and guarantees perfect engraving!
  • For a clean environment
    Our large and compact chip collectors prevent pollution of the working environment by extracting debris and dust generated by a rotary engraver before they are dispersed in the air.. These solid residues are produced by the milling cutter of the machine that digs the material, especially plastic and metal; they are therefore inevitable, but their nuisance must not be neglected.
  • For experts in engraving precious pieces
    If you are a jewelry professional, engraver of luxurious objects (silverware, rings...), a Gravotech chip collector integrated into your CNC engraving machine will allow you to easily collect precious metal chips. Collect gold and silver flakes to remelt them and use them for a new creation. The value thus saved can amount to several thousand euros per year!
  • 100% adapted to your needs
    Reliable and efficient, these industrial vacuum cleaners come in two sizes, for perfect integration into your environment. The smallest debris collectors and cleaner can easily be installed on a desk next to your rotary engraver. The second one fits easily under a table or bench. Their integrated and easily removable filter allows you to collect precious metal chips.

Technical Specifications

Our professional large and compact chips collectors are directly integrated into the engraving head to avoid the following inconveniences  :

  • Embarrassment of the engraving and/or unintentional scratching of the plate
  • Locking the mechanism of the engraving machine (bearings, screws...)

Practical, our workshop chip collectors are automatically managed by your rotary engraver: they detect when the engraving starts, and stop between two engravings to limit noise.

Chip collectors are compatible with all Gravotech CNC engraving machines:

  • Discover the M range, machines for the personalization of objects and jewelry
  • Discover the IS range, for engraving, cutting and milling.

The Gravotech chip collectors are not recommended with a lubrication kit because of the release of moisture.

  Compact chip collectors Powerful chip collectors
Recommended for: Compact machines and small jobs Large format cutting and milling operations
Dimensions :
L x w x h (mm)
155 x 100 x 180 (6'' x 4'' x 7'') 290 x 290 x 540 (11.4"" x 11.4'' x 21'')
Weight (kg) 1.3 23
Hose length (m) 1 2
Sound emission(dB) < 68 < 69
Max.air flow rate (m³/h) 20 25
Max. static pressure (kPa) 2.2 7.3
Power supply External External
Operating temperature (°C) 5 - 40 5 - 40

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