Gravotech softwares for engraving machine


Gravotech software solutions

Our engraving and cutting expertise led us to build our own software. Create your engraving and cutting paths, pilot your machines, design your 3D jewelry. Anything is possible! 

Our CAD/CAM software range, TypeEdit and TYPE3-CAA are conceived to ease the transition between the world of graphic ideas and a manufacturing process. Create 3D rendering of molds, prototypes, medals, and more. TYPE3-CAA is an add-on to CATIA®. 

Gravostyle, Lasertrace, and ABC are our CAD and piloting software for Gravotech laser machines and rotary engraving machines. Design your engraving jobs using texts, vectors, symbols, and variables. Compatible with personalization, signage, and traceability applications. Available for all experience levels. 

We also provide 3D jewelry software. 3Design uses the latest graphic display technology for a realistic design experience. Create the most amazing jewelry and make sure, what you have in mind is what will be manufactured! 

Gravotech Software Solutions

As easy as ABC” 

Gravotech mechanical and laser machine driving software. 

As a simple & intuitive engraving software, ABC guides you in your first steps in the world of engraving, ideal for door plaques, badges, labels, trophies or personalization of gifts and/or jewellery. 



“The unique software for both Laser and rotary engraving machines 

Gravotech mechanical and laser machine driving software. 

A real engraver's toolbox, Gravostyle allows you to push performance limits to explore design possibilities. 

It puts Gravotech’s engraving know-how and technologies at your fingertips. 



Piloting software dedicated to integrated laser machines. Developed by Gravotech and enriched by numerous application experiences, Lasertrace includes all the functions necessary for identification and traceability. Serialize your parts easily, with text, serial numbers, logo, generate unique codes like Datamatrix, barcodes, QR codes, UID, GS1, and configure your variables, counters and shift codes.  



TypeEdit is a complete CAD/CAM software 100% dedicated to the Graphic Art transformations into industrialized consumer products. 

Engrave, Mark, Cut, Carve in 2D, 2.5D and 3D within any material, on any CNC milling machines. Deployed for 30+ years Worldwide in renowned industries as diversified as Die making, Mold Engraving, Signage, Jewelry, Tooling, Woodworking and many more. 

With TypeEdit, get the Excellence in advanced G-Code generations. 



TYPE3-CAA is a software add-on to CATIA V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE. 

Recommended by Dassault Systèms, TYPE3-CAA allows CATIA® users to easily create parametric text inside CATIA®, to vectorize images, and to project or map them on any 3D CATpart surface. Building Text and Element associatively has never been as easy and as fast. Discover the game changer in your PLM applications. 



3Design is the world leader CAD solution for custom jewellery. Create breath-taking jewellery models with advanced parametric features. Enhance design, production and communication through 2D design, 3D modelling and photorealistic renderings and videos. Speed up the process thanks to parametric, prototyping and 3D printing.