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Personalized engraving: a solution for the luxury industry

Excellence is at the heart of luxury brands offer. Do you want to offer your customers a personalization experience? Our eBook guides you through it step by step.

Personalization for luxury products

Luxury brand customers are looking for unique objects and gifts. Offering personalized engraving of their purchases creates added value and increased experience. Personalization is increasingly becoming indispensable: a 2022 McKinsey survey highlighted that this additional service would enable retail companies to increase their revenues by 10 to 25%!

Do you want to get started? Choosing the right technology for your requirements is the first step.


Personalized engraving: a solution for the luxury industry

You are a luxury brand wishing to offer in store or ecommerce personalization?

Discover the selection criteria in our dedicated eBook.


WeLase is ideal for in shop users !

Choose the engraving technology best suited to the product to personalize

Wondering whether to choose laser or mechanical technology for high quality engraving?

It all depends on how you want the personalization to look:

  • For an authentic, fine, tone-on-tone finish, opt for mechanical engraving.
  • For a fast, high-contrast finish that creates a WOW effect with your customers, laser engraving is the ideal solution!

The size and material of the product to be engraved will of course also influence your choice.

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Easy to use with ABC software

Personalization for all your sales channels

It is essential for the in store engraving solution to be adapted to your boutique network. It must be:

  • easy to transport, install and above all simple to use for your teams, perfect for in-store, events or special occasions;
  • safe to use in a public environment;
  • with software following your corporate identity and product personalization guidelines;
  • offering a realistic rendering preview solution to enhance ecommerce personalization experience.
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Personalized engraving: a solution for the luxury industry


Personalized engraving offers a wonderful opportunity to enhance your offer and boost your sales. A number of criteria are essential in choosing the right online or in store engraving solution for personalized gifts: materials, product types, engraving rendering or technologies...

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