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Engraving & Laser Cutting Of Custom Ink Stamps

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Companies, administrations, public institutions, and many organizations require ink stamps. Laser remains the most efficient way to produce a quality rubber engraving, in bulk or individually, as it allows you to make very thin and delicate letters. Moreover, compared to standard chemical processes, our solution uses natural rubber, which is more ecological and more economical.

Our rubber stamp making machines can create text, logo, pictures, and grey levels. The know-how of Gravotech Gantry lasers is a guarantee of the quality of the stamps for, stamp manufacturing, advertisement, printed media, fantasy stamps, stationery, chops & Seals.

Why Choose A Gravotech Rubber Stamp Making Machine?

Gravostyle ™dedicated "Stamp mode"

Gravostyle™ software allows you to compose stamps easily, one by one. You can also use the dedicated “stamp mode” to gather different stamp designs on the same file (nesting function) saving time and reducing material waste.

Rubber marking with co2 laser engraver

Rubber is one of the most technical applications as it generates a lot of dust and smoke. Gravotech offers air exhausts to pull the smoke from the laser stamp making machine and filter it, a blowing nose to drastically increase the laser lens lifetime and cutting table to help smoke evacuation inside the laser.

Rubber engraving machine

Compared to standard chemical processes (vulcanization for instance), Gravotech lasers with our natural rubber material is  more ecological and economical as you do not need to treat the chemical waste and you have no consumables (except the rubber itself) to manufacture the final stamp.

Discover Gravotech’s Solutions

Gravostyle™ benefits from a unique “stamp mode” feature on the market to increase productivity. The stamp composition can also be done on a 3rd party software and directly sent to the laser.

Gravotech offers a natural rubber material called “Rubbalase™”, available in a special reference that reduces the smell when processed with a laser. Its thickness of 0.087’’ and its hardness (60 Shore A) ensure that you get high quality and high definition result.