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Stone, granite and slate laser engraving

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There are 2 kinds of engraving on minerals, depending on the composition. Laser etching is mainly for slates, tiles and bricks. Such materials react with white color when lasered, which gives a naturally contrasted result. Deep laser engraving for marble, granite, basalt, lava stone, natural stone, pebbles, ceramic, porcelain, and black granite, will give a non-contrasted or slightly contrasted result. 

Often, paint or lacquer is added afterwards to get a nice colored result. Cutting minerals is not possible with a laser. Engraving Granite or Marble with text or a photo is an ancient Funeral tradition (mainly in Europe and South America). Now, engraving on different kinds of stone is very popular in new markets like jewelry, interior design and crafts, events, gifts, and signage.

Stone laser engraving

Foil stamping of an engraving on a marble plaque

Laser engraving on minerals produces a result similar to sandblasting, a surface engraving that gives the impression that the stone has been bleached. If the contrast is not sufficient for your customer or if you want a specific color, Gravotech offers the popular “Gravolaque”, lacquer range that comes in yellow, green, blue, red, white, black, silver, gold, and shiny gold available as standard, however your specific color can also be developed on demand. Gravolaque is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Photo engraved on mineral

Engraving photos on minerals can be complex, as it depends on the surface state. Generally, the rule of thumb is to set 300 DPI maximum on the photo resolution to obtain a nice result. This resolution can be increased if the surface state is similar and smooth. We recommend using very dark black marble (or very light white marble) so the contrast is even more beautiful. Gravolaque will always be necessary as marble does not contract naturally when engraved with a laser. A 1.5’’ lens is recommended for photo engraving with a thin spot beam.

Stone engraving with «I Love You»

Minerals are not flammable, therefore stone laser engraving has a limited risk of fire ignition, contrary to Acrylic or Wood processing, as they need to be monitored.

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A low power source is enough, even for a large photo but it will take longer as you need multiple passes.

Our powerful and high-quality industrial Fiber Laser engraver performs precise markings quickly....

Fiber serie Laser marking system



Integrated laser marking system for metal and plastic parts


The most complete laser station for permanent marking. From unit to small batch production to integration in a robotic cell. Compatible with Fiber, Hybrid, or Green source.

Front view of LW2 industrial laser engraver



fully automated laser marking station.


The LS100 is enclosed, easy to operate, and is a compact laser engraver. This compact laser engraving machine is suitable for laser cutting and engraving. This laser cutter is built to last.

LS100 CO2 laser engraver



CO2 laser engraver for signage, creative cutting, and personalization.


The LS900 industrial laser engraver, comes in CO2, Fiber, or Edge (dual sources). They're ideal if looking for a fast laser engraver or laser cutter.

LS900 co2 fiber laser



The large laser engraver that can do everything


The CO2 integrated laser marker is perfectly suited for marking organic materials....

CO2 Laser - integrated laser

CO2 Laser


Fast laser engraver – the best to mark organic materials and coated surfaces


The LS100EX CO2 laser machine is a medium-sized machine for engraving and cutting. Its engraving area matches the size of ¼ sheet, making it the ideal sign making machine....

LS100Ex co2 laser marking machine



The signage and small series laser engraving machine


Numerous innovative functions and features are combined into the LS1000XP, turning it into the ultimate laser engraving and cutting laser for intensive production.

LS1000 large laser engraving and cutting machine



large laser engraving and cutting machine for high productivity


    Rotary machines can process minerals (engrave only), but we recommend it only for expert users, as bur diamonds are required and they can be very expensive. Moreover, the risk of cutter break increases as the granite quality decreases. Granite is mainly used for headstones and other memorials and images of loved ones or logos can only be engraved on granite using laser equipment.

    Gravostyle™ is an all-in-one software that allows you to create your composition and run the laser with ease. It embeds a material library that will help to select the best setting for your material. However, for users of other software, our lasers can also be perfectly driven by third-party-software (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) through our LSolution Driver.