3Design 3D Jewelry CAD Software


Cutting edge 3D software for jewelry design that will keep your business ahead of the others.


  • DEDICATED JEWELRY TOOLS Using the modules like your workshop tools. Tucked away in a virtual drawer within the jeweler’s bench.
  • EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO MASTER 3Design thinks like a jeweler. You do not need to be an engineer to use this software. Design like the artist that you are!
  • HISTORY Optimize your creativity time. The parametric construction tree within 3Design is a big timesaving factor.


3Shaper : Organic modeling for creative jewelry

Creativity with NO limits. Smoother Surfaces. Free modeling for more liberty. The unique touch expected.

DEEP IMAGE™: a Realistic Rendering Solution to 3DESIGN

Photorealistic visual effects. Intuitive and easy to learn. Renderings within a minute.

Advanced parametric : many features, catalog, models#

Create your configurable 3D catalog, Get tens of models in few clicks, Get access to the strongest 3Design features.

Toucan 3DESIGN V10


Discover the new 3Design version

Find new features that deliver the perfect balance between technical skill and creativity. Get ready for an incredible 3D experience.

• 50 New Features including 20 New Tools
• Improved User Experience
• Super Actions: Create Your Own Tools
• 3Design Runs Up To 17% Faster
• Secure Your Files thanks to 3D Safe

Discover 3DESIGN V10

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