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Express engravers need is one of the most challenging because of the different industries and applications. Creating stamps, realizing internal signage (mailbox tags, room number), identification plates or personalization (pet tags, gift personalization).  The common challenge is always to offer a high-quality product to differentiate from the competition, while increasing profit. Gravotech offers multipurpose complete solutions (machine, software, accessories, and material) to support the express engravers. New trends, new possibilities offers a variety with premium signage and personalization that is in high demand. Whether it is making a standard object unique, giving added value to a product, or marking an important event, personalization is widely used.

It’s more than a trend, it meets the real need for making moments personal. Entering the custom engraving market will give you immediate and powerful new benefits! Signage is also a very strong activity, it has always been a strong pillar of Gravotech history with the dual offer “engraver and support to engrave”. This technology is today still the ideal solution for the Signage market, for express engravers. However, the improvements in laser technology now offer a nice compliment to signage by adding new cutting and engraving possibilities to create new kinds of signs and variety. Laser engraving will also give multiple results (and contrast depending on the material) compared to rotary engravers, but the elegance of an engraved ring by a rotary cutter will never be equaled.

Why Choose A Gravotech Custom Engraving Machine?

Small rotary engraving machine ideal for shop environement

Gravotech offers some solutions made for in-store usage, using compact, silent, clean, and of course 100% safe. Our solutions are modular and can be upgraded with accessories if you have a new kind of items to engrave (rotary device, different spindle, cutting table). Laser or rotary engraving is by far the most popular technique for personalization because it gives a high-quality, long-lasting impression on a wide range of materials.

Decorative item : cutting and engraving

Now that anyone can find basic signage and personalization online, you should differentiate yourself with service and quality, or with a product that no one else offers. Combine a cutout of a colored Acrylic display with an engraved panel of wood with the same laser to create innovative colored signage. Our machines are capable of engraving and cutting all kinds of materials, including wood, acrylic, most plastics, paper, cardboard, leather, glass, granite, metals, textiles, and even food items!

Different items personalized with the same machine

Use the same compact rotary engraver to personalize a huge variety of items, like rings, pens, knives, lighters, promotional items, trophy plates, electronic cigarettes, exterior or interior signage, glass, leather goods, gifts, pet tags, etc. Cost is reduced, but the business possibilities are unlimited and always expanding, even more, if you display your products online. Usually, your new machine pays for itself after a couple of months.

Discover Gravotech’s Solutions

Our compact laser engravers are ideal for express engravers, as they can engrave stamps, cut acrylic signs, plastic tags, personalize glass and wood, fine paper art... all of that with the same laser, which means reduced footprint and investment.

From express small engraving machines in a store to diamond dragging or rotary engraving to medium sized industrial solutions for deep engraving, and finally large routers to cut and engrave batches of tags. Gravotech will support your companies growth.

As the best-selling rotary engraving machine, the M20 is a custom engraving machine that can adapt to any purpose and fit any job....

M20 Custom engraving machine



Custom engraving for all kind of purposes, from jewelry and perfume to small industrial signage.


Unique in the market, this industrial engraver is perfect for signage, ADA braille engraving, plastic engraving, and identification of parts....

IS400 rotary metal engraving machine

IS400 and IS400 Volume


one of a kind metal engraving machine


Fast, powerful, and precise: discover a machine unique in the market. The ISx000 range is designed for large format jobs to batch engraving and cutting.

ISx000 large format CNC engraving machine.



the large format CNC engraving machine.


This industrial engraving machine has been a classic for more than 15 years for small part traceability, label and small signage engraving....

IS200 rotary engraving machine



Small signage and traceability engraving machine


In 1938, we revolutionized the world of engraving with a new definition of pantographs, easier, more reliable and user friendly....

IM3 pantograph - manual engraving machine



the iconic pantograph by Gravotech


The M40 is a compact, versatile, custom engraving machine. Its large engraving area makes it a perfect engraving solution for medium-sized and flat objects....

M40 rotary engraving machine for personalization



multi-purpose rotary engraving machine for signage and gifts


    ABC software is ideal for newcomers to the custom engraving world, as it guides the user step by step to create any personalization or easy signage. Gravostyle™ is for a more advanced user, but it will let you benefit from all your machines possibilities, 3D carving, matrix mode, photoengraving, logo modification, etc.

    Gravotech offers a huge bi-layer range of different colors when engraved, with no need to apply an additional color with a pen or liquid solution. Our tags are ready when it comes out of the machine, which is a huge advantage for the customer who is pressed for time. The material catalog also has wood material, acrylic, metallic, plastic tags, and many other products. New materials are regularly added to give you new possibilities and keep your business on top of the trends.