Gravotech Lasertrace Software


Lasertrace: Piloting software for Gravotech traceability machines
Lasertrace is the Gravotech industrial software for traceability and identification. Various functions are available in a simple and friendly interface, for all industrial production needs.


    Lasertrace production mode will connect and interact with your IT infrastructure, for semi-automated production. Access your database and your ERP, send marking files to your machines, manage duplicates and automatically create historic log files. Complete your traceability system with code readers to verify the marking quality.
    Lasertrace is the only marking software to offer unit traceability for benchtop part identification. Connect your machine to the software via PC and create on-demand markings automatically part by part. Ideal for small workshops and all types of industries. Manage on a single screen interface, serial numbers, 1D/2D codes time and date stamps(dates, shifts, etc), logos.
    Easily create marking jobs on the visual software interface. Insert text and figures, manage various codes such as Datamatrix, QR code, 1D and 2D barcodes, import files and logos in EPS, PDF, DXF, DWG, BMP, JPEG, PNG. Over 15 high-legibility OCR fonts are integrated, optimized to reduce cycle time. Preview your composition before marking.


Traceability facilitator

Lasertrace assists you in your identification settings whether you operate in a small workshop or large manufacturer.

The software interface gives you direct access to your marking parameters.

Check the library of settings by material and the marking color chart to save time and reduce the risk of error. Lasertrace's interface is available in many languages.

Lasertrace settings

As a complete traceability and identification software for industry, Lasertrace offers the possibility to create several user profiles with only the necessary functions.

Modify operator rights depending on your needs.

We offer several options such as additional fonts pack and Logo Editor Max, to vectorize logos and create filling paths.

Simplified interface for operators

While supervisors have full access to all the marking functions in the toolbar, operators can access a simplified version.

Simply open your marking file, choose the marking mode, start marking.

The operator toolbar can be personalized.

Service & Support

We offer solutions for the installation and maintenance of your equipment that fit your settings and expectations. Do you want to be automated? We will provide you with our standard operating procedures with training videos available on our online support center. Do you wish to have our technicians present alongside your teams? We visit on-site for support with our experts working hand in hand with you.

Gravotech Services

Our training modules are designed to optimize the use of our solutions and are available for our full range of machines, software, and accessories and are designed to fit the level and profiles of the training participants, online, remotely, or onsite and at our training facilities. Training is a fully integrated part of the support of our solutions.

Training & commissioning

All machines are guaranteed 24 months for the supply of spare parts and the cost of in-house labor performed at GRAVOTECH’s premises. We offer warranty extensions and additional service benefits according to your needs. Developed to fit your requirements, we also offer standard or customized service contracts, Global service contract, Software service contract, and a Preventive or curative maintenance contract. Our local technical sales representative is available to provide you with all the necessary information.

Gravotech engraving machine warranty

We bring support in more than 50 countries, where we have an established presence and with our distribution partners. Each of these local teams can, in turn, get support from a regional center close to our production locations and connect with our group international support center based in France, in close connection to our R&D center. This makes us efficient and reactive to your needs for assistance. With the expertise of our support, we can address 80% of your requests remotely, for a quick resolution that secures the continued service of your operations.

Technical support

Thanks to experience gathered with Gravograph and Technifor and our global presence in more than 50 countries with 150 Gravotech technicians and our distributors, we can offer you a wide range of services. Developed to fit your requirements, we offer standard or customized services, Global service contract, Software service contract, and a Preventive or curative maintenance contract.