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PMMA, Plexiglas® Acrylic Engraving

Discover our rotary and laser Acrylic engraving and cutting machines!

Acrylic is also known as Plexiglas®, PMMA, or under many other commercial names. Acrylic is light, rigid, and UV resistant, which makes it ideal for support or letters. As customers needs varies (see-through material, only see the light through the material, do not see-through at all), Gravotech offers different Acrylic types, transparent uncolored, translucent colored, opaque colored, and opaque frozen. There are 2 kinds of Acrylic, Cell cast (extruded), it is cheaper, lower thickness tolerance (5% VS 15% for casting). Continuous cast gives the best-polished results when cut and the best result (white engraving) when engraved.

As good quality extruded Acrylic can be found in large quantities at PMMA distributors, Gravotech's material offer focuses on continuous cast Acrylic, that will offer an added value to your customers. Of course, both our rotary and laser Acrylic engraving machines can process all kinds of Acrylics. To create displays, indoor or external signage, crafts, advertisement items, trophies and awards, models, Acrylic cutting machines are ideal. Gravostyle™ software can create folding area or hinges so the laser can process the Acrylic in a way that it can be bent.

Laser Engraving

Small signage made with acrylic engraving machine

With Gravostyle™ and its embedded preset parameters, you can cut, fold and weld any thin Acrylic (less than .19in  thick) with the same laser. When it comes to cutting only, our CO2 laser engravers can reach a depth of 1 inch. The maximum width is directly linked to the laser source power, even if speed plays a role. Rule of thumb, count approximately 5W per mm of thickness, i.e, a 40W CO2 laser can cut an .31in thick Acrylic sheet.

CO2 laser engraving acrylic, plexiglass, pmma

Our lasers can produce a finishing glossy polished edge on Acrylic when cut, thanks to Gravostyle™ software that adapts speed and power of the laser. The Acrylic melts instantly when the laser beam hits the area, and then hardens immediately when not. It results in a smooth melted surface state on the edge, transparent and polished, which is a plus in the Signage Market. The main advantage is that manual polishing is not necessary, the product is ready when it comes out of the laser. We recommend a wide lens (up to 4’’) for a better finishing result and a straighter edge.

UV Printing on acrylic

Add colors to the Acrylic support with a UV printer. Use the Print & Cut mode to automate cutting with the laser by using the same electronic file you previously used in the printer. For outdoor signage, we recommend to cut a transparent Acrylic sheet of the same shape than the printed one, and to stick it above. This way, you will ensure long-lasting colors and protect the ink from external UV and elements that normally whitens it.

Rotary Engraving

Plexiglas® signage cutting

Our rotary engraving tools can cut or drill up to 1in. Gravostyle™ software allows to do a lateral finishing pass and obtain a neat frozen finish on the edges. Percut range is made for Productivity and endurance of Rotary engravers, short tools for machining using a high frequency or collet spindle.

Acrylic letters cutting

Gravostyle™ CAM function allows you to calculate a 2D or 3D tool path and realize flat 3D signages with any Rotary machine. This result can’t be obtained with current laser technologies on the market. Moreover, the bottom can be transparent with a ball cutter and an overlap of 0.05mm (or less).

Acrylic cutting machine

Rotary technology does not represent any risk of fire. Acrylic is a very flammable material when used with a laser, therefore the laser needs to be monitored at all times, whereas rotary engravers can work with very limited monitoring. The user can work on other tasks, creating a time and cost reduction. Moreover, lasers for Acrylic need an air extractor with filters to change whereas Rotary needs a chip collector (cheaper than air extractor), no filter necessary.


Trophy made with clear acrylic

For your transparent outdoor signage, choose Acrylic. It is resistant to smudges, fingerprints, and scratches and can be used on both the front and the back. Discover the cast version of Acrylic for a modern yet resistant finish.

Acrylic star create with Gravoglas 1 for gifts

Created for engraving professionals. Gravoglas 1 is particularly popular for the brilliance of its black, gold and silver colors. Gravoglas 1 is excellent for exterior usage. Reverse engraving, using a cutter, brings depth and volume to your creation. Gravoglas 1 can also be engraved and cut using lasers.

Outside signage with ADA/braille - Gravotac™ Exterior

Its matte finish guarantees ADA compliant results and great look. Create beautiful Braille and tactile signs with Gravotac™!

Discover Gravotech’s Solutions

From small trophies to large signs, Gravotech offers a wide range of lasers machines to match every Acrylic cutting need. By providing small Acrylic laser cutting machines and also CO2 laser engravers, Gravotech solutions are ideal for everyone.

Our Rotary large tables are ideal for productive Acrylic cutting as they can run 24 hours per day with only one operation to load and unload between each batch production.

Gravostyle™ is the software dedicated to job creation, up to 3D possibilities and Matrix mode to repeat a pattern on large sheets. Moreover, it drives both Rotary and Lasers machines.