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Automotive Marking

Discover our automotive rotary and laser marking machines!

Since 1981, Gravotech has had an established history in the automotive sector such as, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), equipment manufacturers, integrators, and subcontractors. Thanks to our  experience, we can provide you with the best marking solution for each vehicle parts, the frame, engine, exhaust parts, plastic interior components, etc. Gravotech’s strength is our ability to design and manufacture permanent marking solutions for your application, whatever the technology. Our solutions have proven their reliability by combining the 3 main expectations in this industry, Need, Solutions, and Benefits. Need, a durable and permanent marking to track the product during its entire lifecycle. Solutions, a total mastery of several marking technologies (All laser technologies, micro-percussion, scribing) to guarantee you the best solution depending on your part, process, budget, and expectations.

Benefits, direct Part-Marking solutions ensures full and tamper-proof traceability necessary for an effective Quality Management System and to manage your supply chain quality. This guarantees the identification of defective batches and simplifying recalls. A fast and reliable marking process to make sure that your production lines run optimally. Gravotech designs industrial machines to operate 24/7, 365 days a year in harsh environments, for decades. We offer the rotary and laser marking machines with the shortest marking cycle time and highest availability rate in each application. With increased productivity, fully automated solutions, we create autonomous industrial machines that can be fully integrated into your production lines. Our marking machines can be interfaced with any PLCs and communicate without a computer and have up to date communication protocols in our solution, ProfNet /Ethernet IP / EtherCAT, etc. Your Benefits are reduced integration Cost, ready for Industry 4.0.

Marking Engine Block Group

Motor engine requires permanent marking

Complete traceability of each engine block coming from different suppliers. Identify, store data and trace each motor through the production process and even years after the engine enters service, Data Matrix™ code, serial number, work shift code, assembly plant code, date, V.I.N., logos, etc. Direct Part Marking (DPM) with a 2D code to remove any risk of errors in the production process. Read and Inspect directly marked codes at each stage of production and automatic recording of data from each code verified in the customer’s database

Laser fiber serie and XF510p marking machine

Laser Fiber-Series is a perfect solution to mark metals. It allows a contrasted marking with a very short cycle time and no contact with the part. Different powers are available depending on your application and your target cycle time/marking depth. Dot Peen and Pneumatic are the marking solution with the best compromise between cycle time, depth and budget. Its is perfectly adapted to mark a durable alphanumerical text.

Clinder block marking

Durable and efficient solutions for high production rates. As an integrated part of your assembly process, our systems are compact, fast, and they communicate with your environment. Similar to reading tools, they ensure traceability of your engines through the production process.

Exhaust Systems – Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converter close up

Mark the serial number and DataMatrix code using the same machine. You will have Compliance with OEM specifications, keep the cycle time of the production line, low noise, and keep your workplace quiet. Also, identify with your tradename, trace the parts and subcomponents, store data (logo, part number, Data Matrix code, work shift, manufacturing code, date). Manage multiple files and logos for OEM and after-market identification of common parts.

Laser fiber serie and XF510m engraver

Dot Peen Electromagnetic is the most adapted solution for marking on the catalytic converter. Content is usually combining text and Datamatrix. Marking depth is > 0.1 mm. Our Dot Peen Electromagnetic range will offer the best cycle time. Laser Fiber-Series is the best solution for surface and contrasted marking on exhaust system components such as the muffler manifold and silencer.

Datmatrix marking for automotive traceability

Provide high-quality marks in fast cycle times by installing the silent marking process, even on hollow parts and meet health & safety requirements. Choose powerful and compact systems that communicate with your central server, PC, PLC, barcode scanner, etc. Permanent marking provides traceability guarantee along the part life cycle.


Automotive traceability on production lines

Ensure your vehicles are permanently marked. Send and store pertinent information, read the marked data, perform deep marks that cannot be falsified during vehicles entire life cycle. Deep, legible, and durable marking before and after treatment.

Gravotech - metal marking machine

Our Scribing machines allow you to obtain a deep and fast marking. It can be used before or after surface treatment, and remain legible. Choose this silent process for traceability on large parts. Laser Fiber-Series, where chassis part are getting lighter and the use of very hard material is more and more common. The fiber laser is a non-contact solution and can mark easily on the hardest metals.

Direct Part marking of a car frame

To mark large parts, that can't be disassembled, on moving vehicle lines, our solution can easily be transformed into a mobile solution and integrate perfectly into your production processes. Intelligent solutions that fully communicate with your plant network and deep marking on the hardest steels before or after treatment, like painting, sandblasting, shot blasting, anodizing etc. The wide-character set remains identifiable throughout the life cycle of your products. Efficient maintenance of the machine on the element to be marked with clamping systems, part presence detectors, are industrial, fast, and quiet solutions, easy to use and to integrate.

Injected Plastic Parts

Plastic car dashboard marking

Replacing the costly identification solutions as ink-jet and labelling processes by laser marking machines, like High-speed marking to follow the high speed of injection presses, high contrasted marking on a wide variety of plastics, grade-4 Datamatrix for Internal traceability and automatization of production lines, and Aesthetic marking for interior plastics parts

Automotive laser marking machines

Our Hybrid laser range has a high peak power allowing a good material interaction on a wide range of plastics used in automotive components. PE, PP, PA ,PBT, and ABS plastics are generally marked by this laser range. Green Laser the best solution for marking on materials that do not react to IR laser. This laser does not damage the surface of the part, it is perfectly adapted for marking of on Day & Night buttons where the Green laser will remove the upper layer without damaging the plastic surface.

Plastic sensor identification

- Economic unit Marking cost / part 
- Low maintenance
- NO consummables
- Flexible
- Surface finish is not critical compare to labeling

Discover Gravotech’s Solutions

Gravotech develops solutions for the identification and traceability of automotive components, for all the parts that are the vehicle, from the chassis to the engine and the interiors. Discover our range of lasers that can be integrated on production lines as well as our turnkey laser marking stations.

Our powerful and high-quality industrial Fiber Laser engraver performs precise markings quickly....

Fiber serie Laser marking system



Integrated laser marking system for metal and plastic parts


The most complete laser station for permanent marking. From unit to small batch production to integration in a robotic cell. Compatible with Fiber, Hybrid, or Green source.

Front view of LW2 industrial laser engraver



fully automated laser marking station.


Introducing the excitement of laser engraving to your business....

WeLase compact laser engraver



Small laser engraver for in-store custom laser engraving.


The 1064 nm HYBRID laser marker is perfect for applications requiring a great versatility in terms of marking materials at the highest speed, from metal to plastic laser marking.

Hybrid laser - integrated laser



the best compromise between versatility, high quality, and high speed to meet all your marking needs 


GREEN laser marker is designed for complex and cold laser marking on materials not reactive to other wavelengths....

Green laser - integrated laser



Direct marking integrated laser marking system - mark highly reflective materials and sensitive plastic materials.


The CO2 integrated laser marker is perfectly suited for marking organic materials....

CO2 Laser - integrated laser

CO2 Laser


Fast laser engraver – the best to mark organic materials and coated surfaces


    Discover our wide range of dot peen and scribing marking machines dedicated to the automotive industry.