Brand Manifesto

Gravotech, The Expression of Things

Gravotech, The Expression Of Things

Gravotech, Gravograph, and Technifor become

Gravotech, the Expression of Things

A new identity, a new slogan,

and renewed ambitions.


EoT Solutions


Humans have a unique quality to be able to express themselves.
With the cutting-edge technologies that we develop,
we are giving this power to objects.

The power to support the digital transformation of industry with the identification of manufactured parts and their traceability, the power to inform by creating exceptional and attractive signage.

The power to meet the growing desire to restore emotion to the heart of objects by personalizing them.
The power, at last, to meet the daily challenges of manufacturers, brands,
as well as engraving and signage professionals.
Created in the United States in 1938,
Supported by an international network,
The result of the integration of pioneering technologies.
We created the Expression of Things and are its global leader.

Laser, rotary engraving, scribing and dot peen,
we are the only ones to master all these types of marking and we are constantly exploring new solutions at the cutting-edge of innovation
to take the power of the Expression of Things even further.  

Ready-to-use or tailor-made machines,
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software,
consumables, accessories, and services all over the world.
We have the knowledge of the entire chain,
from creation to production and service to provide each of our customers with the offer, best suited to their needs.

Our intelligent, versatile and robust solutions
and the support of our teams around the world
allow us to offer an experience adapted to each manufacturer, engraver, craftsman, retailer, jeweler, creator, and leading international brand.

To make the most of the Expression of Things revolution,

So that each object can express itself.