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Cermark® & Thermark®

Black marking solution
Cermark® & Thermark®, CO2 laser black marking solution for metal.
Cermark® and Thermark® are two black laser marking products for CO2 laser engravers that provides high contrasted metal black markings.

Multiple packaging for all applications 

  • Thermark ® & Cermark® spray versions are widly used but they are also available in ink, tape or paste. You will find the right packaging for your application. 

High contrasted black marking 

  • Thermark® & Cermark® guarantee an adequate black marking  contrast for reading."

Cermark® & Thermark®: Benefits

Cermark® and Thermark® are two metal black laser marking products for CO2 laser engravers. They contain chemical agents that react to the presence of the CO2 laser. The reaction with the laser allowing black marking on various metals such as aluminum or steel. 

Alcohol-based product for easy preparation before engraving. The Cermark® spray or paste is ideal for large batch production. Contains a curing agent that enables the easy preparation of products. The CO2 laser beam fixes the black marking to the metal. 

Water-based product enabling easy and rapid cleaning of the product surplus to reveal the black marking that has been obtained in this way. 

How to use Thermark® and Cermark®: 

NB: we recommend to use this black laser marking in a well ventilated space and purchase a protection kit as shown below  

  • Apply a fine layer to the metal 
  • Leave to dry for 2 minutes 
  • Engrave using a CO2 laser engraver 
  • Clean the product surplus off

Cermark®: Part numbers

LMM 6000 Aerosol: 68880 
LMM 6000 Paste 50g (1.76oz): 68878 
LMM 6000 Paste 250g (8.82oz): 68879 
LMM 6000 Paste 500g (17.64oz): 69974

Thermark®: Part numbers

LMM 14 Aerosol: 67120 
LMM 14 Ink 50g (1.76oz): 67119 
LMM 6018LF1 Tape 2.54cm (1»): 71866 
LMM 6018LF2 Tape 5cm (2»): 67121