Dot Peen Marking

Dot peen marking

Technifor is the inventor of dot peen marking. Today the brand boasts 30 years of experience in this area making it the leading global manufacturer of dot peen (and scribing) machines.

What is dot peen technology?

The principle of dot peen is based on the creation of depressions in the material using a vibrating tool.

This creates a series of points (impacts) forming:

At dot peen marking, the material is pushed back and not burned, milled or more. No shavings are produced that exactly before and after the marking.

This means that we have no breakage in the material, regardless of the thickness of the part being marked. 

Our  Technifor brand      uses 2 dot peen technologies : 

This means clustering is suitable for all applications: from deep  and fast marking one raw material to very precise marking Data Matrix codes are small machined surfaces.

The benefits of dot peen:

Gravotech's dot peen solutions

Our solutions are based on 3 lines, covering all your industrial marking needs:

Integrated solutions

Workbench solutions

Portable solutions

integrable dot peen marking machine stand alone marking machine portable dot peen marking machine
Designed for production lines Ideal for marking all parts in small and medium series in workshops For repetitive work, marking of all parts and / or marking of large parts

Marking Data

dot peen metal marking alphanumeric characters symbols marked on metal with dot peen technology dot peen marking logo on metal 2D code marking on metal dot peen technology
Alphanumeric Characters symbols Logos 2D codes 
(DataMatrix ™, QR Code, etc.)

Materials :

Whether your parts are made of brass, steel or titanium, Gravotech's dot peen machines can be any of the following: ABS, PA, PA66, PBT, etc.

dot peen marking on titanium dot peen marking on plastic
Marking on titanium (example:  aerospace or medical )  Marking on plastic

Application sectors:

Gravotech offers permanent and robust identification in the following industries: aeronautics, automotive, defense, electronics, navy, mechanical, medical, metallurgy, mining, motorbikes & motorcycles, nuclear, oil & gas and personal protection equipment, etc.