energy industry traceability marking

Energy industry traceability

The management of natural resources and the supply of energy produced are pre-requisites for our daily consumption of water, electricity, gas, and fuel.
Gravotech's marking solutions support energy throughout its circuit, from its creation in a nuclear power plant or a hydraulic turbine to its transport through a pipeline, cables and electrical poles to its management by the user with electric meters, breakers, or bulbs.

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energy pipe marking

Marking of large or difficult to access parts:

  • tubes
  • pipes
  • beams
  • Metal structures 

With our portable solutions

Our portable solutions can be easily marked.

deep dot peen marking

Guaranteeing the identification of parts in the harshest environments:

  • At very high temperatures or pressures,
  • In the presence of abrasive or corrosive dust
  • Difficult climates (deserts, tropical, arctic)
  • Aquatic environments (offshore, submarine, salty)

Maximum readability

Our direct and deep marking on the parts remains legible thanks to a surface treatment using galvanizing or anti-corrosion paint.

electrical board identification tags

Engraving plates, identifying parts:

  • Plastic labels
  • Electric meters
  • Metal plates
  • Matrices

Occasionally or in a series

Our rotary or laser solutions can be used as a part of the surface condition.

gas pipe signage

Preventing risks:

  • By documenting the equipment
  • By providing information on conditions of use
  • By displaying the technical characteristics

Thanks to automated features

In order to make a mark in a series, Technifor and Gravograph solutions

  • APF (Automatic Plate Feeder)
  • Matrix marking


Our customers in this market:
  • Factories production
  • Operations sites
  • Maintenance centers
  • Workshops
  • Oil and gas platforms
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