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Automobile industry traceability

Want to know why Gravotech is the global leader in automobile traceability?
It's simple: lift up your cars hood! You'll see at least one part engraved using our solutions. The life expectancy of our rotary or laser engraving guarantees life-long identification of parts.

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automotive assembly line

Integrate marking into your production line

  • An independent solution
  • A communicative solution compatible with the various levels of your production line
  • Marking integrated into your processes

With our most communicative management devices on the market

Our management units with loaded software are open to:

  • All types of API
  • Industrial communication protocols such as Profinet or Ethernet IP
  • Exchanges with ERPs and production databases

Our solutions can be processed directly on this text, 1D or 2D marking as required.

dot peen datamatrix on automotive part

Improve your productivity with:

  • An extremely fast engraving cycle
  • Single machine for engraving various data (VIN #, serial number, 2D Datamatrix code, alphanumeric characters, logos, etc.)
  • Minimum maintenance on an easy-to-maintain, independent, and continuous production machine

The Technifor ranges meet all your requirements:

  • Fast deep marking gold scribing
  • Power adapted to your needs
  • BBB
  • Proven resistance during 30 years' experience in the market and facilities in the harshest environments.

traceability marking on automotive cylindrical part

Track your parts permanently with:

  • Marking that does not wear off over time
  • Tamper-proof VIN marking to fight counterfeiting
  • Clear identification of defective batches simplifying any recalls

Technifor offers the biggest range of deep marking on the market covering all technologies:

  • Laser
  • Dot peen
  • scribing

All our solutions facilitate the use of automatic traceability in line with our customer database.

For cyclists, Technifor has kept the BicycodeR anti-theft system with the portable marking gun.


Our customers in this market:
  • Construction
  • Subcontractors
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Integrators
  • Operations centers
  • Assembly sites
  • Dealers
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