Ink stamp manufacturing

Stamp manufacturing & engraving

Stamp manufacturing is a key application in a world that evolves with its formalities. Companies, administrations, individuals or public organizations all use this item daily. The solution often needs to meet strict increasingly refined and optimized selection criteria.

Stamp manufacturing: selection methods and criteria

Stamp manufacturing is an international application with varied production methods. Alongside manual production and mass chemical production, the CO2 laser is becoming more and more popular. The power of the CO2 laser and its effectiveness are the convincing arguments offered by this technology.

The process of creating and generating a stamp is simple. The stamp is created in a piece of software, the job is sent to the machine and it is engraved using the laser. The smoke and dust need to be considered and removed using a suitable extraction system.

Decisive factors for quality stamp manufacturing

Regardless of the profile of the user concerned by the stamp manufacturing, some factors are decisive as much as possible. It is best, among others, to choose a solution for your needs which can be scalable. Signs of success are as follows:

Examples of ink stamps

Zoom on the details of a rectangular rubber stamp Plate of rubber stamps with cuts in different shapes Rubber stamps ink results
Details on a stamp Stamps in different sizes Text and symbol stamps


The right balance between know-how and experience

Gravotech develops adapted laser solutions, machines, accessories and software dedicated to the stamp manufacturing application. Thanks to its know-how, market experience and consideration of its customers' needs, the solutions developed are more pragmatic. And the benefits are numerous, including: