Texturing and Bas relief

Bas-relief engraving and texturing

When light reveals a texture or a bas-relief, when your hand touches a sculpture and reveals the finesse and curves of a relief engraving, there is a technique behind the emotion. Your creations in the tradition of ancestral crafts, must seduce the eye and arouse the urge to reach out.

Design a texture and a bas-relief

These deep or light reliefs will then be prohected ongto the surface whether this is flat or not.

Through its software brands Gravograph and Type3, Gravotech offers CAD/CAM, 2D, 2.5D and 3D software solutions specially adapted to engraving and sculpting textures and bas-reliefs.

Engraving and sculpting: Gravotech offers a comprehensive CAD/CAM solution

Whether it is manufacturing the tool or punch to be used as the matrix or engraving directly onto your part or mold, machining can be performed mechanically or using a laser.

Maximum precision

The intelligence of our solutions lies particularly in the choice of very comprehensive 3D creation tools (CAD) and in the calculation of your toolpaths (CAM), adapted to ytour machine regardless of the engraving technology:

Thanks to 2D and 3D simulations of your machining, you can manage the quality of your engraving as well as its completion time.

The creation of texture and bas-relief is suitable for a wide range of applications

This list is not exhaustive, if you can't find what you're looking for here, contact us!

Medal relief 3D engraving 3d embossing and die tools bas relief textured industrial mold textured 3d sign
Medals and coins Punches and embossing tools Industrial molds and packaging Signage
Stone relief - 3d engraving 3d wood engraving bas relief Relief engraving and 3D textures on brown iron 3d bas relief food mold
Funerary and bas-relief on stone and marble, etc. Indoor and outdoor decoration, signage and architecture Packaging 3D object design
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